REACH-SW is a curriculum enhancement tool designed to support social work faculty in teaching evidence-based practice (EBP) approaches to students at the bachelor's- and master's-degree levels.

Specifically, through comprehensive tutorials and a myriad of resources, the REACH-SW CD-ROM set includes three interactive CDs which provide social work faculty with the information, resources, and tools needed to effectively integrate EBP content into foundation and elective courses across bachelor's- and master's-degree social work curricula. 


REACH-SW includes the following products (see below for further details):

  • Interactive CD-ROMs designed specifically for faculty teaching B.S.W. or M.S.W. students
  • User’s guide
  • Optional in-person training workshops (individual training, train-the-trainer training, and faculty-wide training)

Text Box: “It was great to learn something new to help demystify EBP and incorporate it into our curriculum.”    -	Social Work Faculty,   REACH-SW User


The REACH-SW CD-ROMs are designed as self-guided resources for all social work faculty (tenure track and adjunct, full-time and part-time, etc.) teaching students at M.S.W. and/or B.S.W. levels.

Using a modular format, each of the three versions of the CD-ROM (see below) provides background information (entitled “Module Content”) instructors need to effectively infuse EBP into core/foundation and elective social work courses across B.S.W. and M.S.W. curricula. This background information contains numerous case examples, video clips, sample student assignments, PowerPoint® presentations, etc., to make the information more interesting and tangible.


Module Content: Tutorial for faculty, providing:

  • Background information needed to effectively teach topic
  • Multiple extensive case examples
  • Illustrative video clips

In addition, each module of REACH-SW contains “Module Resources,” such as lecture notes, PowerPoint® presentations, video clips, class assignments, case examples, and student handouts, which can be downloaded and customized, modified, and used directly with students in any core/foundation and elective courses.


Module Resources: Downloads to be customized for individual faculty use and infused into a variety of social work courses, including:

  • Lecture Notes
  • PowerPoint® presentations
  • Video clips for use in class
  • Activities/handouts (case examples, in-class exercises, assignments)

Each of the three REACH-SW CD-ROMs contains four modules.

1. Defining Research Evidence: The objective of this module is to help social work faculty provide their students with an understanding of some of the most important terms and concepts relevant to evidence-based practice, as well as communicate the benefits of applying research in social work practice.
  • Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Defined
  • The Benefits of Using EBP in Social Work Practice
  • Historical Development of EBP as it Relates to Social Work
2. Finding Research Evidence: The objective of this module is to help social work educators prepare social work students to conduct searches for scientific research resources that can be applied to and strengthen social work practice.
  • Define a Research-to-Practice Question
  • Plan for and Conduct a Search of Evidence and Literature
  • Conduct a Document Search
3. Assessing Research Evidence: The objective of this module is to help social work faculty teach students the skills to critically evaluate a research article or other source.
  • Hierarchy of Evidence
  • Evidence Credibility
  • Reading Research Reports
  • Clinical Significance of Evidence
  • Applicability of Evidence to Current Practice Situation
4. Applying Research Evidence: The objective of this module is to provide educators with the concepts and tools needed to teach social work students how to implement evidence-based interventions in real-life practice settings.
  • Applying Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Processes
  • Evidence-Based Interventions (EBI)
  • Communicating With Clients About EBP
  • Organization and Systemic Issues to Consider When Implementing EBP
  • Using Research Evidence to Inform Practice


Three versions of the REACH-SW CD-ROM include:

  • REACH-SW for Instructors of Master’s Level Students Edition. This version is for faculty teaching students primarily at the M.S.W. level. Student activities, handouts, assignments, and other module resources are geared toward M.S.W.-level students and courses.
  • REACH-SW for Instructors of Bachelor’s Level Students Edition. This version is for faculty teaching students primarily at the B.S.W. level. Student activities, handouts, assignments, and other module resources are geared toward B.S.W.-level students and courses.
  • REACH-SW Advanced Doctoral Students or New Instructors Edition. This version is designed specifically for relatively new or “junior” level faculty and/or advanced doctoral-level students who are teaching students at the B.S.W. and/or M.S.W. level. Geared toward the “new to teaching” audience, this CD-ROM contains additional tips and resources on teaching methods and practices specifically related to teaching EBP. Student activities, handouts, assignments, and other module resources include a selection of materials for M.S.W.-level and B.S.W.-level students and courses.

User’s Guide

A printed User’s Guide comes with each REACH-SW CD-ROM. The User’s Guide provides an overview of the content on the CD-ROM, guidance on how to infuse the CD-ROM content intended for a variety of social work courses, specific instructions for how to use each type of module resource, and a selection of frequently asked questions to assist faculty as they begin using the CD-ROM.

Purchasing Information


The REACH-SW CD-ROM based programs are on sale now.  To purchase individual or bulk orders, please click here.



Text Box: “The hands-on experimental training by REACH-SW was enormously helpful to the faculty of the College of Social Work. The training was relevant, engaging and immediately applicable. We will use the knowledge and skills gained from this training by infusing the content throughout our curriculum.”    -	Karen M. Sowers, Ph.D., Dean and Professor  College of Social Work, University of Tennessee



Supplemental In-Person Faculty-Wide Training Workshops

Supplemental in-person faculty-wide REACH-SW training workshops are being offered to provide social work programs and their faculty added support in infusing evidence-based practice (EBP)  content into their B.S.W. and/or M.S.W curricula and/or to support curricula revision/overhaul related to EBP specializations or additions. This training can also used to help programs prepare for re-accreditation around EBP related competencies.  

For the workshop, a small team of experienced and expert REACH-SW moderators come to the university setting and conduct a full-day REACH-SW training workshop for the entire faculty. Customization of training goals and materials (syllabi, etc.) based on specific program needs is offered and expected.

This training is intended for larger social work education programs (or a combination of several smaller programs in a relatively close geographical area) that desire their entire faculty or smaller subgroups (e.g., curriculum committee) to gain advanced skills in using the REACH-SW program to infuse content into the entire B.S.W. and/or M.S.W. program curriculum or to assist curricula overhaul or revision around EBP.

Trainings occur on the college or University campus, and can be scheduled year round. Prices of the faculty-wide training varies based on faculty size, location, etc.  To more information about these trainings or to request a price quote, please click here and submit your request and contact information as instructed. Within 1-2 business days, a REACH-SW project staff member will contact you via phone and/or e-mail.

To Register or Request a REACH-SW Training

If you are interested in receiving any of the REACH-SW trainings, please click here and submit your request and contact information. Within 1 business day, a REACH-SW project staff member will contact you via phone and/or e-mail to gather information and details on your request and needs.

Although at a future date we may provide regional trainings throughout the year, currently there are no individual trainings scheduled at this time.

  Text Box: Questions?    E-mail us at or call the REACH-SW Principal Investigator at (301) 404 – 7101.